Wanaka Farm is a multiplayer game that is the perfect combination of classic and blockchain game where a fun farm universe is created and inspired by a beautiful island from the south. New Zealand’s name is Wanaka. Players will experience adventurous missions and options to design their own unique land. Wanaka’s slogan is “relax and make money”. Unlike some other games where players have to compete with others, Wanaka Farm’s core value is based on cooperation between users. The game has broad appeal, targeting those Different players from different ages and social classes all over the world. To help people keep up with the latest trends and not miss out on great money making investment opportunities. Blockdio will introduce to you the game  Wanaka Farm.

  1. Introduction

The Wanaka farm scene is inspired by a picturesque town from the South Island of New Zealand called Wanaka. The town of Wanaka is located at the southern end of Lake Wanaka, surrounded by the beautiful natural beauty of mountains, lakes and forests. The game sense will combine many scenes and sounds of Wanaka to evoke natural beauty and the most immersive relaxing experience possible. At Wanaka Farm, players will be playing the role of a happy farmer by cultivating land, cultivating crops, raising livestock and decorating their own virtual land. From there, each participant will contribute to the construction of an entire virtual space combining many unique custom farms.

With the integration of NFT into the game, each item or character will be unique. This is one of the ways to make the game attractive and attractive, giving the player the feeling of being the only one who owns the item in this space. Each item in the game has its own uniqueness, rarity, advantages and is considered a valuable digital asset, tradable in the marketplace. The motto of the game is “Play, relax and earn”. Unlike some other games where players have to compete against each other, Wanaka Farm’s core appeal is based on collaboration between users. The game aims to attract, target different players from different social classes, regardless of age, gender, occupation. The game brings a different meaning of farming to as many crypto users as possible. Besides, the  developer team  also hopes the game will attract non-crypto users in the near future.

2) Start building

To start the game, each “future farmer” of Wanaka Farm needs to create an account and will be provided with an in-game avatar to start the game. head. The account will be linked to a wallet (like Metamask), from which the farmer will store his in-game items and transactions. Each player will represent a farmer in the beautiful town of Wanaka and is represented by an avatar in the game, where players can interact with each other through the avatar. The player can also modify the avatar by reinstalling if desired.

To buy land, players can go directly to the store in-game Wanaka or multi-marketplaces such as Mochi.Market and Binance NFT. These lands have a limited supply and are created as NFTs. After purchasing land, players are free to decorate their own land to their liking with various in-game items, such as houses, lakes, decorations, pets, trees mortars and other items can be additionally purchased in the store.

When renting land, the transaction is done via smart contract, thus providing protection to the land owner by ensuring the tenant will not be able to resell the land on the market. Furthermore, after the lease period expires, the land is automatically returned to the owner at the end of the lease period.

Supported platforms

In the early stages of Wanaka Farm game development, players will be able to play both on desktop and mobile to experience and control the game’s characters in graphics 2D. During this early development, the use of the desktop is encouraged.

In standard mode (without VR/AR), the game provides a full range of features and activities for the character. This allows players to participate without depending on accessories (such as VR gear).

In the near future, the game will also be available on PlayStation and compatible with AR / VR. Planned AR and VR compatibility will be available in Q2 2022, followed by PlayStation VR integration in Q3 2022.

Land in the game

Land – in the form of NFTs – can be obtained by participating in events or through purchases on marketplaces, such as Wanaka’s in-game market, Mochi.Market, or Binance NFT. Land supply is limited in quantity. Each piece of land is unique with its respective characteristics. The characteristics of the land are randomly set, so each piece of land will have its own rarity.

There are 4 types of land that can be obtained through events

  • Basic lands
  • Lake
  • Forest
  • Sea

Only Basic Lands are sold in the first sale with limited quantity. Other land types (lake, forest, sea) will be provided after the sale of Basic Land. 4 different soil types will have their own characteristics according to the sections below.


New Zealand, there are four seasons in this game: spring, summer, autumn and winter. However, as part of the uniqueness of each land, not every land will have 4 seasons. The maximum number of seasons attributed to each land is set at random.
The difference in the seasons will create a unique experience because each season will have a distinct type of item. In order to maximize the profit for a piece of land, players can find appropriate items in the shop, thereby encouraging interaction between the participants and the sharing of knowledge about farming. At the same time, the player can develop the overall economy of the game, like an agricultural industry that helps in the growth of a country’s GDP.

Lifecycle of items

5. Play to earn

With Wanaka Farm, players have many different ways to earn money:

Sell items at Wanatrade
Complete daily quests
Participate in contests
Staking $WANA
Contributing to the governance structure of DAO
Lucky Lottery Rewards

6. Tokenomics

Wanaka Farm has 2 tokens:  $WANA (platform token) and  $WAI (used in the Wanaka Farm ecosystem)


$WANA is the platform cryptocurrency in Wanaka Farm. Players need $WANA to interact with Wanaka Metaverse.

  • Chain: BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain
  • Total Supply: 500M


  • Game currency used for transactions (buying land and items at Wanashop and Wanatrade).
  • Hold $WANA through Staking and receiving rewards from the game.
  • Users need $WANA to participate in Wanaka’s governance structure within Wanaka Farm’s decentralized organization (DAO). Voters will also receive rewards for their contribution to Wanaka’s development.


$WAI is the platform cryptocurrency in Wanaka Farm. It is a secondary token used in the Wanaka Farm ecosystem for specific purposes.

  • Chain: BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain
  • Total Supply: unlimited controlled by burning mechanism

$WAI may increase or decrease deflation for a specific time depending on gaming activities. $WAI is generated through completing quests and burning through various gaming activities.

How to get $WAI:

  • Completing In-Game Missions
  • Staking $WANA
  • Participate in DAO Voting

Spend $WAI

  • Breeding House Fee
  • Producting House Fee
  • Upgrade Land
  • Join Lotto Games (Get energy return, NFT items)

7. Roadmap

Phase 1: IDO on BSC, staking $WANA, release version 1.0 for PC

Phase 2: Release version 2.0 for desktop browsers, organize events and contests for the community

Phase 3: Release version 1.2 for smartphones on iOS and Android operating systems

Phase 4: Release of AR-enabled version 1.3

Phase 5: Release of VR-enabled version 1.4, adding cross-chain interoperability to NFT

8. Development team

Learn more about the project at

Just now are detailed information about Wanaka Farm that Blockdio wants to share with you. Hope the article has brought you a lot of useful knowledge for your investment process. 

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