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Block Farm Club is a decentralized game where anyone can earn tokens and NFTs through farm the game or for leisure. Based on multiplayer farm web browser games, Block farm club is a game that brings innovation together with the blockchain.

The game is not PAY TO WIN, however you need tokens to start the game, buy on the platform itself, in exchanges or win/trade with friends. With this you will be able to play and receive tokens, energy, creatures, plants and gems within the game. These can be traded on and off the platform.

Creatures, pets, plants and seeds can be managed using energy, water, food, buffs and debuffs in-game. These cannot be exchanged, they are items for use by each personal account.

Gems and tokens can be exchanged for each other within the platform, Tokens for gems, the tokens come out of your wallet and you receive gems, and gems earned in-game from quests, battle, daily and rewards can be exchanged for tokens and withdrawn from platform at any time you want.

Land within the game can be purchased in chests and packs, by converting tokens desired and will remain your property until it is sold or passed on to others or until the game lasts.

The farm system was created so you can play in an easy, intuitive and fun way, needing seeds or plants, water and waiting time to generate prizes in gems, your gameplay and ability to perform tasks in the specified time, will result in more or less prize gems. you can also delete your farm in any situation or as you wish.

Daily quests can be accomplished with the use of energy, you have a daily amount of energy to use and farm others, helping your companions and receiving gems and bonuses for achievement at the end of the mission completion.

Special missions can come for seasons, and at each stage executed the user can earn the most diverse bonuses, not necessarily being necessary to compete. TOP players will have a special session and special prizes from others. The energy used in special missions is also separate from the normal energies of daily missions.

Your farm can only contain single-growing seeds, which can be selected and exchanged for gems in the shop, or special seeds that will grow fighting plants, these can be replanted once a month and given extra gems, but they need a lot of water, and with your own land you accelerate growth. The special plants have attack power, buffs and debuffs and can be used to battle against creeps, players, bosses and competitions. They can also be sold on the market and get to cross a limited number of times, generating new special seeds.

Our idea is to make NTF Games something fun and not just profitable, it can help with income or fun. Start playing Block Farm Club now.

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BFC is the native token of the Block Fram project, with the following features:
Use as in-game currency: Can be used by players to buy/sell seeds and plants on the platform's own Marketplace.
Social feature: exchange of NFT assets.
Play to earn: In-game rewards are real property and can be used to trade and sell.
Convert BFC to GEM to buy items

BFC Price Statistics

Block Farm Price 4 Oct 2021

Block Farm Price$0.2675
Price Change24h$-0.219245.05%
24h Low / 24h High$0.2544 /$0.5191
Trading Volume24h$774,182.1245.58%
Volume / Market CapNo Data
Market DominanceNo Data
Market Rank#3319

Block Farm Market Cap

Market CapNo Data
Fully Diluted Market Cap$84,671,143.4743.05%

Block Farm Price Yesterday

Yesterday’s Low / High$0.4677 /$0.5342
Yesterday’s Open / Close$0.5084 /$0.4824
Yesterday’s Change5.12%
Yesterday’s Volume$628,280.80

Block Farm Price History

7d Low / 7d High$0.2544 /$2.38
30d Low / 30d High$0.2544 /$8.12
90d Low / 90d High$0.2544 /$8.12
52 Week Low / 52 Week High$0.2544 /$8.12
All Time HighOct 21, 2021 (14 days ago)$8.1296.52%
All Time LowNov 04, 2021 (5 hours ago)$0.254410.94%
Block Farm ROINo Data

Block Farm Supply

Circulating SupplyNo Data
Total Supply300,000,000 BFC
Max Supply300,000,000 BFC

Team & Investor


On evaluating the official website of Block Farm, we could not find any details of the team members who are introducing this exciting NFT game to the users. Thus, to know about the CEO, Project Manager, and advisor of Block Farm, we need to wait for a while.

The token has made its listing in Nomics and will offer its exchanges on trusted platforms like Pancakeswap, Poocoin, and Poolparty.

How to register and buy the token?

  • Go to the official website, and you will see an option to register your account.
  • Fill in all the required details and click on the tab named register now.
  • Once the verification gets over, you will have to connect the metamask wallet.

But as mentioned earlier, you will have to purchase a minimum of 5 tokens to use the Block Farm NFT collection. To buy the coin, follow these steps –

  • Go to Pancakeswap and connect your wallet 
  • Fund either USDT or BNB in it.
  • Put the contract address of the token.
  • Fill in the amount of crypto you want to exchange.
  • Swap to add Block Farm Club in your wallet 

Overview BEP-20

Total Supply: 300,000,000 BFC 

Holders: 179,010 addresses

Transfers: 2,681,457

Contract: 0x727b531038198e27a1a4d0fd83e1693c1da94892



Block Farm Club: A Copy of Plants Vs Undead Does it have a future?

The world of NFT games is growing, there are more and more games that promise good benefits for those who play them. Now we can find a new one: Block Farm Club Will it be worth it or is it just scam?

Block Farm Club

The success of NFT games has led to more and more games that promise people to win big. Let’s remember the success of games like Axi Infinite or Plant Vs Undead, in which people have made very good profits.

Block Farm Club is a very similar NFT game, not to mention a copy of Plant Vs Undead. The mechanics of the game are quite similar, however, it has some quite interesting features that Plants Vs Undead does not have.

In this brief analysis, we will tell you everything about this game and tell you if it really has potential or is it just one more ponzi scheme.

What is the Block Farm Club?

Block Farm Club: A Copy of Plants Vs Undead Does it have a future?

Block Farm Club

Block Farm Club is a decentralized game in which you can earn tokens and NFTs. This is achieved with a “farm” mode in which the player must cultivate a series of plants.

This game is based on the popular Plants Vs Undead NFT game and its gameplay is quite similar.

The plants that you place on your farm, from time to time give you game tokens, which is known as GEMS. You must take care of the plants throughout the growing process, you must give them water and eliminate pests.

As you grow, you will be able to obtain a seed, which will eventually grow into an NFT plant.

This plant can be grown or sold to get the in-game cryptocurrency, BFC.

Unlike Plants Vs Undead, this game includes some “missions”, with which you will be able to earn more bonuses.

Once you complete the mission, you will get a bonus that will help you make even more profits.

According to the creators of the game, they have ensured that the idea is not only that people can obtain some income. If not too, the players can have fun.

How much money does it take to enter the game?

The positive thing about this game is that entering it will not represent a too large investment. You can start the game with only 7 BFC, the current price of this cryptocurrency is around 1 dollar, so with less than 10 dollars you can start.

How long can it take to recover my investment?

This game promises you quite fast profits, by investing the minimum amount, that is, the 7 BFC, you will be able to recover your profits in approximately two weeks. As you can see, this is a game that could have good potential.

Where can this cryptocurrency be bought?

Unfortunately, this coin does not yet have a very high transaction volume. In fact, you can only buy it in two places, at Pancakeswap and at Poocoin.

You will be able to buy this cryptocurrency with USDT, BUSD or BNB. Before starting to buy this cryptocurrency, it is necessary that you finish reading this article.

Is it a game with a future or is it not worth investing in it?

Block Farm Club Plants

At first this may seem like a wonderful game with a great future, and despite the fact that its developers are innovating, there are some things that do not generate much confidence.

The first problem with this game is its whitepaper, when you access the corresponding section, you will realize that it is not too elaborate. And this is clearly a flaw, as the whitepaper for every cryptocurrency is the way to go.

The second is tokenomics, which is not too elaborate, which suggests that they have dedicated more time to the game than to the path they should follow.

Of course, this does not mean that the game is scam, but when the project developers do not give enough time to their roadmap, it leaves a lot to be desired.

If you want to invest in this NFT is your decision, it may be a good investment, or it may become a scam. In particular, we think this is a high-stakes game. Therefore, we recommend that you invest with caution.







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